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Liquid-handling & Automation
Discover the Laboratory Solutions with Tecan
Tecan provides modern, innovative, and tailor-made solutions for your laboratory. Tecan increases the scales of your laboratory. Discover your applications with us:
  • Genomics Research
  • Cell-based Assay
  • Drug Discovery
  • Protein Science
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Synthetic Biology
The Fastest, most precise and easy-to-use platform Tecan has ever made
Fluent liquid handler is ideal for laboratories looking for state-of-the-art automation to: increase productivity, streamline workflows, optimize assay precision and consistency, and relieve operators from repetitive tasks. 
Freedom EVO® platform
The Freedom EVO series is one of the most popular and reliable systems in the market, with more than 7,500 sold worldwide.
Successful solutions based on years of experience!
The Freedom EVO® platform provides straightforward solutions that allow you to work more efficiently and adapt quickly to new requirements.
NGS Automation
DreamPrep™ NGS:

Freedom EVO NGS workstation:
DreamPrep NGS and DreamPrep NGS Compact
  • Walkaway automation solutions for NGS library prep
  • Flexible configurations to deliver consistent NGS protocols.
  • Minimal manual intervention
Revolutionize your workflows effortlessly and embrace a new era of liquid handling excellence with our NGS solutions:
  • Open platform
  • Fast QC without sample loss
  • Optimal performance with Tecan NGS reagents
Freedom EVO NGS workstation
The Freedom EVO NGS workstation is equipped with air displacement pipetting technology:
  1. Precision down to 0.5ul
  2. Temperature control modules, cooling or heating
  3. 96S Super Magnet Plate for Magnet clean-up
  4. Robotic manipulator for transportation
  • Precision: Freedom EVO ensures the reproducibility necessary for high quality results.
  • Flexibility: Available whether processing 6, 13, 19, 40 or even 96 samples.
  • Simplicity: Set up your runs quickly and be confident in your workflows
PCR Automation
Fluent® PCR automation solution
Fluent’s groundbreaking design delivers more capacity and increased speed for genomic workflows, particularly for automated reaction set-up. This innovative solution offers excellent precision, outstanding troughput and increased walkaway times.

Simply faster and more precise
Three independent, task specific arms move in parallel to simultaneously and efficiently automate methods. Sample preparation, labware movement to peripheral devices and plate-to-plate or reagent additions can all occur in parallel — maximizing performance

Save reagents and samples
Adaptive Signal Technology™, a new generation of liquid level sensing, enables the use of smaller sample volumes, minimizes the risk of errors and provides exceptional automated error handling

Simpler workflow design with FluentControl™ and Smart Commands
Device integration options including:
  • 1/2D barcode scanners
  • Temperature-controlled devices
  • Plate sealer
  • Inheco On-Deck Thermocycler integration
More Information:
ChemPath Automation

Empowered with Tecan A200
Sample preparation for mass spectrometry Empowered with Tecan automation.
  • From pipetting and sample tracking to full automation with liquid separation techniques.
  • Toxicology and hospital laboratories performing urinary drug screening.
  • Hydrolysis reaction is also performed to release the analyte from any moiety it is coupled to.
  • Automation offers dilute and shoot workflows.
  • The challenge is to reduce ion suppression, matrix interference and increased maintenance of LC-MS equipment.
  • Resolvex® A200
  • The Resolvex A200 is a standalone unit that minimize the possibility of sample contamination in proteomic workflows.
  • It incorporates a HEPA filter and enclosed environment to reduce the risk of dust and airborne particles.
  • The Resolvex A200 24 enables you to use larger format columns and 24-well plates for large volume sample preparation.
Microbio Automation
Automated sample preparation for MALDI-TOF microbial identification

PickoloMI™: Colony-Picker Add-On for Tecan Freedom EVO Workstation

The PickoloMI™ is an add-on system for the Tecan Freedom EVO workstation which enables automated sample preparation for MALDI-TOF microbial identification. In recent years MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry (MS) is being used as a leading technology for microbial identification. The sample preparation assay requires picking colonies from agar plates and smearing them onto a spot on MALDI target plate. The sample preparation process is labor intensive and requires picking the colony, smearing, covering with matrix and documentation of the sample to associate the spot with the sample ID. Lab employees perform this assay with different quality and performance and are prone to human errors.
The PickoloMI™ provides an easy to use fully-automated or semi-automated solution that save lab work, prevent human errors, provides reliable sample tracking and image documentation of the sample-plate and maintain persistent performance level. The PickoloMI™ software builds on the Tecan Freedom EVO platform together with SciRobotics colony-picking add-on PickoloMI™ to turn out an easy to use solution for sample preparation for MALDI microbial identification. **Compatible with Bruker BioTyper® (all target types) and bioMérieux VitekMS®. MALDI Target block accepts all standard MALDI targets.
Live Cell Imaging & Analysis
Incucyte® SX5 Live-Cell Analysis System
With Incucyte SX5 Live-Cell Analysis System, your live-cell research can be label free, non-perturbing environment.

  • neuronal activity and metabolism
  • Support multi-user, multi-application
  • Support different optics: Green, Orange, NIR, Green, Red and Metabolism
  • Supported objectives: 4x, 10x, 20x
  • Compatible with different vessels: flask, dishes, slides, and microplates