Long-read applications

Research / Long-read applications

Long-read Sequencing For New Insights into Human Genomics, Microbial Genomics, Epigenomics and Transcriptomics

Sample Preparation
Microbiome DNA Enrichment
Whole Genome Amplification
Long cDNA Synthesis
Amplicon-based Enrichment
Library Preparation
Target Capture Enrichment
NEB Monarch High Molecular Weight DNA Extraction
  • For use with Nanopore SQK-ULK114 workflow
  • Glass-bead-based approach
  • Tune fragment length by changing agitation speeds
  • Faster and more convenient workflow compared to other suppliers
NEBNext® Microbiome DNA Enrichment Kit
  • Selective binding and removal of the CpG-methylated host DNA (including human)
  • Optional protocol to retain separated host DNA
NEB phi29-XT RCA Kit
  • Fast, simple to use and highly flexible kit for Rolling Circle Amplification (RCA) using exonuclease-resistant random primers
  • Amplify as little as 1fg of circular DNA input
  • Ideal for various DNA applications
Induro® Reverse Transcriptase
  • Fast reactions with high yields of long cDNA
  • Support direct RNA sequencing and long read cDNA sequencing workflows
  • For use with Nanopore SQK-RNA002 workflow
NEB LongAmp® Hot Start Taq 2X Master Mix
  • For use with Nanopore SQK-16S024 workflow
  • Long range PCR, amplification up to 30kb
NEBNext® Companion Module for Oxford Nanopore Technologies® Ligation Sequencing
  • Steps of FFPE Repair, End repair/dA-tailing, Quick Adapter Ligation
  • Volumes tailored for use with Nanopore SQK-LSK109, SQK-LSK110 and SQK-LSK114 workflow
TWIST Long-Read Custom Panels
  • Hybridization capture-based (probe-based) panels for long fragment enrichment
  • Compatible with PacBio Sequel IIe and Revio Systems

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