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Gene Synthesis Service

What we offer?
  • DNA synthesis service
  • Delivered as dsDNA fragment, 0.3-1.8kb
  • DNA synthesis plus cloning service
  • Delivered as 0.3-5kb genes in your vector or TWIST Catalog Vector (listed below)
What can it apply to?
  • For direct assembly and cloning
  • Compatible with all downstream cloning/ DNA assembly methods
  • Ready-to-transfect plasmid for target protein expression
Why choose us?
  • High accuracy - Industry-leading low error rate, 1:8000nt
  • High accuracy - 100% accurate NGS-verified gene sequences
  • Highly customisable - Normalization and endotoxin free options available
How it works?
Turnaround time
1-2 weeks
2-3 weeks

TWIST Catalog Vectors for Clonal Genes

Mammalian expression
  • pTWIST with CMV promoter
  • pTWIST with EF1 Alpha promoter
pTWIST High Copy using pMB1
  • with AmpR / KanR/ ChlorR
Bacterial Expression
  • pET
pTWIST Medium Copy using p15A
  • with AmpR / KanR/ ChlorR
Viral Expression
  • pTWIST with Lenti SFFV promoter

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