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Tecan Microplate Reader

Multimode readers
  • Spark® Cyto: The first live cell plate reader with real-time image cytometry. Fluorescence-, brightfield- and digital phase contrast imaging combined with full environmental control and standard detection modes creates a powerful tool for cell research.
  • Spark: The fully flexible detection platform with smart automation. Made for discovery, today and tomorrow.
  • Infinite® 200 PRO: The proven, easy-to-use plate reader family. Delivering performance and value to every lab.
Single mode readers
  • Sunrise™: The fast, multichannel absorbance plate reader – with tunable wavelength and temperature control options – that can be tailor-made for your purposes.
  • Infinite® F50: State-of-the-art eight-channel absorbance reader for accurate, reproducible, and fast results.
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Free Testosterone ELISA
IBL International – a leading provider of microplate-based immunoassays – has recently become part of the Tecan Group. Offering one of the widest ranges of specialty diagnostic assays for use in research and clinical laboratories, IBL International is a perfect strategic fit with Tecan’s long tradition of serving the clinical market with advanced laboratory automation instruments optimized for immunoassay processing.

Tecan is IVDR-ready Autoimmunity
  • MuSK-Ab ELISA (RE51021) **CE IVDR**
  • dsDNA-Ab RIA (RE19011) **CE IVDR**
  • Cortisol ELISA (RE52061) **CE IVDR**
  • 17-OH-Progesterone ELISA (RE52071) **CE IVDR**
  • 25-OH-Vitamin D ELISA (RE53041) **IVDR ready soon**
  • DHEA ELISA (RE52221) **IVDR ready soon**
  • Free Testosterone ELISA (DB52181) **IVDR ready soon**
Saliva Diagnostics
  • Cortisol Saliva ELISA (RE52611) **IVDR ready soon**
  • Estriol High Sensitive Saliva ELISA (30121046) **CE IVDR**
Premier Resolution - Haemoglobinopathies

The Premier Resolution Analyzer allows for the fractionation and quantitation of fetal haemoglobin (Hb F), and haemoglobin A2 (Hb A2), and with fractionation and presumptive identification of abnormal haemoglobin variants.
Best-in-class haemoglobin separation is performed in two different assay protocols (including an automated reflex option); both of which are standardized to a calibrated A2/F reference material.
  • Methodology: HPLC ion exchange
  • Elements of Analysis: Fractionation and/or quantification of foetal haemoglobin (HbF) and Haemoglobin A2 (HbA2)
  • Test Speed: 4.15 minutes in Quick Scan, 8.2 minutes in High Resolution
  • Sample Type: Whole blood, hemolysates made from whole blood or packed red blood cells. Blood can be fresh or thawed from frozen state.
Chromatography Overlay
Available in the High Resolution assay run, which suggests the potential variants options to compare in the Library on board.
When a Variant is detected in HR, it will allow you to click in the Library Icon and it will show all the options available.
FDA: Cleared
CE: Cleared
Premier Hb9210 HbA1c Analyzer - Diabetes

Our patented boronate affinity methodology offers you accurate & precise results, virtually free from interference, in a rapid & highly scalable package.
The final HbA1c result is determined from a simple peak area fraction, making result interpretation extremely straightforward as there are only two peaks on the chromatogram: one non-glycated (all other hemoglobin types), one glycated (directly correlated to the HbA1c result).

Uniquely this offers:
  1. No interference from common – and virtually all other hemoglobin variants
    • No issue with reporting an unrequested genetic parameter
    • Report HbA1c results with confidence
  2. Automated validation of the chromatography
    • Eliminates operator intervention
    • Removes subjective interpretation
    • Allows automatic release to the LIS
FDA: Cleared
CE: Cleared