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Restriction Endonucleases
  • With > 45 years of offering restriction enzymes to the research community, NEB has earned the reputation of being a leader in enzyme technologies.
  • In traditional cloning, restriction endonucleases are used to generate NDA fragments with specific complementary end sequences that can be joined together with a DNA ligase.
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  • Product Overview
  • NEBcloner - includes the NEB Double Digest calculator for determining optimum buffers for restriction enzyme double digests.
DNA Assembly, Cloning and Mutagenesis
  • NEBuilder® HiFi DNA Assembly Master Mix Allows for seamless assembly of multiple DNA fragments, regardless of fragment length or end compatibility.
  • Why choose NEBuilder HiFi?
    1. Simple and fast - Seamless cloning in as little as 15 minutes.
    2. Highly flexible - one system for “standard-size” and large gene assembly, up to 11 fragments.
    3. Error-free - enables DNA assembly even those with 5’- and 3’-end mismatches.
    4. Higher accuracy and lower DNA input - advantages over other vendors.
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Gene Synthesis
Gene Fragment:

Clonal Genes:
  • Gene Fragments
    • dsDNA fragment, 0.3-1.8kb
    • For direct assembly and cloning
    • Compatible with all downstream cloning/ DNA assembly methods
  • Clonal Genes
    • 0.3-5kb genes cloned into a plasmid of your choice
    • Choose a TWIST Catalog Vector or send us yours
    • 100% accurate NGS-verified gene sequences
    • Normalization and endotoxin free options available
Plasmid Extraction & Purification
Monarch® Plasmid Miniprep Kit
  • Elute in as little as 30 μl
  • Prevent buffer retention and salt carry-over with optimized column design
  • Reduce hands on time with faster protocols and less spin time
  • Monitor completion of certain steps using colored buffer system
  • No need to add RNase before starting
  • Easily label columns using tab and frosted surfaces
  • Buffers and columns available separately
  • Significantly less plastic used when compared with other kits
  • Responsibly-sourced and recyclable packaging
  • No hazardous materials fees